Suddenly, it’s been 4 weeks, and tomorrow the journey continues to new counties and continents. Today we almost felt like it’s been enough of holiday already, too many sights have been seen, too many bocadillos de jamon eaten and too many cafe con leche drank. We had a quick pizza slice for dinner downstairs, came home early and watched a great documentary from home on Yle Areena.

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Spain has been great. It’s been a lot of sunshine (never too much of that), lots of good food, fresh vegetables, seafood, warmth, history, old rocks, old buildings, a good book, very little computer time, and surprisingly little activities really. Instead, we have enjoyed slow mornings, having breakfast really together, without news or Facebook. We have been walking on narrow alleyways holding hands and resting on the beach quietly chatting about truly important things, such as the composition of the sand or why waves break where they do.

I try to think how to summarize what Spain has been, and I just keep coming back to  food. I asked Gareth what his favourite things of Spain are, and he starts with food too, followed by warmth and swimming. So there it is, we haven’t really done anything else but eaten and swam, so there is nothing else to write down.

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I’m not looking forward to the 13 hour flight tomorrow, but I am looking forward to being in a new country and meeting some great people there. And as the day comes closer, I am increasingly excited about going back to NZ. Seeing family, of course, but also seeing the country after six years.

But first, a short break in Singapore.